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I am not saying that it is "impossible" for all these parameters to be fine-tuned for the product to look e.g. The scientific theory that requires this huge unexplained fine-tuning is less likely than scientific theories that work with no fine-tuning (or less fine-tuning).It's less likely simply because given any sensible, quasi-uniform a priori distribution of the parameters, it is insanely unlikely that they will have the "right" values if there are so many wrong values.Needless to say, a regular reader has seen lots of other criticisms of discrete physics, a more general concept.Let me return to this topic – and change the focus somewhat – in the wake of a sensible text at Backreaction, As David Tong explained using different words in his Silver Prize Winning Essay written for a crackpot foundation whose basic mission does include the promotion of the "Simulation Hypothesis", there is strong scientific evidence today that the world isn't discrete (and it isn't simulated).EPR-style experiments show that local realism is incompatible with the observations. It means that the proposal that our Universe is a simulation run on a classical computer is ruled out immediately. Again, I am not saying that it is "impossible" to write a computer program that behaves in a way that resembles the reality.Locality must be fundamentally respected because it may only follow from the Lorentz invariance, the Lorentz invariance is observed to hold as well, and making it accidentally hold in a fundamentally Lorentz-violating theory would require the nearly infinite amount of luck and fine-tuning, as explained in the previous paragraph. It may have a wave function treated as a collection of classical degrees of freedom; it can make the wave function "objectively collapse" at various points (although this guarantees that some disagreement with the observations is inevitable, as I have often emphasized). But when a simulation may "look OK", it's a different statement than the statement that the simulation may "be" the reality. The simulation may do a good job in emulating Nature around us.Run on NASA AMES' supercomputer constellation, the evolution of the largest structures in the Universe are here simulated.This Bolshoi simulation (based on the Lambda Cold Dark Matter model) is designed to study how dark matter halos evolved.

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If the Matrix left you with the niggling fear that we might indeed be living in a computer generated universe staged by a malevolent artificial intelligence using the human race as an energy farm, help is at hand.

Computer simulations have been run to recreate quantum chromodynamics - the theory that describes the nuclear forced that binds quarks and gluons into protons and neutrons, which then bind to form atomic nuclei.

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It might be a parent, a teacher, a school counselor, a coach, or a friend's parent.

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Classifieds Posts should be related to the Model T. Off Topic - OT - posts are allowed but should still be hobby related.

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Those partners taking the obedient role are called submissives or bottoms (normally written in lower case).

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The solution that I am using which I found on another site(so not taking credit) is to use this: date("Y/m/d H:i:s").